Kiss 'N Go and Student Entry Procedures

Kiss 'N Go and Student Entry Procedures

Our goals here are safety and efficiency. If we all work together and follow procedures, we hope there will be less waiting, traffic, and students will be more safe as they are dropped off. During student drop off on Orleans, cars will be diverted to either the west lane adjacent to the school or the middle lane (the east lane across from the school is reserved for neighborhood parking).

Please use the Kiss 'N Go lane if:

  • Your child is ready to get out of the car on their own or with minimal help from staff and/or volunteers
  • Your child has their backpack with them and does not need to visit your trunk
  • You are prepared to give a quick kiss or hug from the drivers seat
  • You promise not to get out of your car

You will be directed to use the center lane and drive through until you can find parking if:

  • Need extra kisses and hugs that require you to get out of your car
  • Your child needs your help to get out of the car, get their backpack on, etc.
  • You just need to 'run into the office for something quickly'
  • Cars in the center lane will not be allowed to stop 'for just a second' to let children out, as this requires students to walk across the traffic in the Kiss 'N Go lane to ensure safety. Parents in the Kiss 'N Go lane will not be able to exit their cars for any reason, to ensure efficiency.

Thank you for your understanding and for following the rules for drop-off on Orleans. We expect our children to understand these norms and should model this behavior for them. Let's make safety and efficiency a habit that lasts throughout the year!! Please consider coming out to help Officers Williams and Autry at 8:30. They can explain how you can assist!