Before and After Care

Right at School, LLC
Right At School provides safe, engaging and meaningful in-school and extracurricular programs to enrich the lives of students, give parents peace of mind and enable schools to focus on their academic mission. 
622 Davis  Street
Evanston, IL 60201
Phone: 855-AT-SCHOOL

Menomonee Club
The not-for profit Menomonee Club for Boys and Girls is dedicated to providing children, adults and families from diverse backgrounds with quality recreation and enrichment activities in an inclusive community that foster personal growth and skill development. 
The Menomonee Club offers pick up & walkover service from LaSalle Language Academy to The Clubhouse! Sign up for this service if you are taking a Menomonee class at the Clubhouse, Old Town Triangle or if you want to hang out in the Game Room.
244 W. Willow, Chicago, IL 60614