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LSC Committees 

Per CPS rules and guidelines, and LaSalle LSC Bylaws, LSC committees make recommendations to the LSC and perform work to support the school, but have no decision making authority and their recommendations are not binding upon the LSC. 

Budget and Finance 

The Budget and Finance Committee supports the school and the LSC by reviewing and providing analysis or recommendations on some budget and finance issues. The committee may provide direct advice to the principal on the school budget, purchases or financial matters. 

Chair(s): Bridget Johnson, Jason Emeott

Other members: None

Building, Traffic and Safety

The Building, Traffic and Safety Committee seeks to identify and provide support for building, traffic and safety issues and concerns at the school. 

Chair(s): Rosalynn Walker

Other members: None

Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP)  - Required by CPS.  

The CIWP sets the school’s two-year strategic plan, including goals and milestones, which is approved by the LSC. The principal leads the CIWP and is responsible for providing regular updates on it to the LSC.  

Chair(s): Chris Graves 

Other members: Carmen Jenkins, Stephanie Kist, Hillarey Rendleman, Melissa Flisk, Ellyn Jones, Tony Choi, Zoe Zaranko.  (for 2020-2022 CIWP) 

Principal Evaluation Committee  - Required by CPS.  

The Principal Evaluation Committee supports the LSC in conducting the principal evaluation process; it does not independently perform the evaluation.

Chair(s): (John Falck and Rachael Russ for 2019-2020 school year)

Other members: None

Professional Personnel Leadership Committee (PPLC)   - Required by CPS

The PPLC (Professional Personnel Leadership Committee) is an advisory body of LaSalle teachers that includes the two teacher representatives to the LSC. Although it is not an LSC committee it provides reports and recommendations to the LSC.

Teacher Rep(s):  Katie LeMoine, Melissa Flisk


The Technology Committee works with the principal to identify and prioritize technology needs of the school, and to advise on and support implementing solutions to meet those needs. 

Chair(s): Kat O’Brien, Steve McClellan

Other members: None

Community Relations  

The Community Relations Committee supports the principal and the LSC on issues which impact the school neighbors and local community, and serves as a contact point to identify and coordinate those issues. 

Chair(s): Steve McClellan, Jason Emeott

Other members: None

Equity and Diversity  

The role of the EDC is to discover areas of inequity, to determine metrics to evaluate priority areas of focus, and to develop benchmarks for success at LaSalle. The EDC will monitor data trends of inequities at LLA and, when appropriate, will provide relevant data on issues presented to the LSC for voting.   - summary from proposal August 2020

Chair(s): Rosalynn Walker

Other members: proposed to include LLA parents, community members teachers and/or staff